Hey there! I’m Shannon, and I’m so glad you stopped by.

In just over three years, I built a global, six figure brand–and a lifestyle I absolutely adore! This was no small feat…and my business growth came with lots of hard (yet fun!) work, soul-searching, and learning curves. I know that my rapid success has been the direct result of understanding the power that aligned content–content that is easy to create and brings me joy–has had on my brand. I refer to this as “content branding”.

Once I understood the power of content branding in my own brand, I turned my efforts to teaching others how to make content easy, joyful, and powerful in their own brands. Over the past few years, I have taught thousands of people in classes, workshops, and retreats focusing on the various aspects of content branding and Thought Leadership.

The most rewarding thing about teaching has been the “ah-ha” moments that my students continue to have when they understand how to make content work for them! Many have cried tears of relief because of their breakthroughs and mindset shifts. They finally gained the clarity they have been searching for in terms of content and becoming a Thought Leader.

My desire and commitment is to powerfully serve people with in-depth programs and content (rather than one-off classes), combined with a community-centered spirit.

When I’m not coaching others in content strategy, I’m schooling myself in this thing called life. You might find me attempting a new yoga pose on my bright orange mat, traveling around the world to exotic locations, or walking through the woods in Brooklyn, stick in hand, seeing what cool insects I can unearth to observe. My husband, Michael, and my cat, Shakti, continue to help me learn about and love myself, each and every day.