Dedicate a year to becoming the go-to person and Thought Leader you are destined to be!

Become visible. Get your ideas into the world. Make an impact.

What’s included in the Content Strategy Academy?

  • On-Demand Content Modules: Curriculum is available via video, audio, and written formats, so your individual learning style and Content Personality™ needs are met. These modules can be accessed anytime you please, allowing you to work at your own pace.
  • Live Community Q&A Calls: We gather each month for community calls via video. During this time, we contribute to one another and help each other build our Thought Leader brands! Bring your individual questions and get some some encouragement, help, and feedback!
  • Quarterly Live WorkSprint: Join your Academy peers for a live two hour block of uninterrupted time where you work on what’s most important to you each quarter.
  • Thought Leader Interview Series: Join Shannon, via live video conferencing, as she interviews thought leaders across a variety of markets. Interviews are scheduled once per quarter, and there will be live Q&A time so you can ask your most pressing questions!
  • Bonus Mindset Trainings: Being a Thought Leader requires a certain mindset. Through these bonus trainings, you’ll be exposed to tools, tips, and techniques you can test out in your brand to help you step into your Thought Leadership role.
  • Online Community: Join the Content Strategy Lab Facebook Group to network, brainstorm, build strategic collaborations, and receive feedback on content from your Academy peers.

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Phase 1: Thought Leader Messaging

Module 1: Think Like a Thought Leader

  • Discover what makes your brand, products, and services unique, so you can differentiate your business and focus from others in your industry.
  • Identify your client, services, and emotional focus so you can highlight these qualities in your messaging.

Module 2: Become a Go-To Person

  • Identify the top two qualities you want to be known for, so you can create messaging that attracts your ideal clients.
  • Learn how to position yourself as a Thought Leader, so you are recognized as a go-to person among your industry peers.

Module 3: Assess Your Website Messaging and Layout

  • Using your new Thought Leader focus, determine where your website messaging needs alignment, updates, and enhancements.
  • Walk around your website, through the lens of a potential client, so you can improve the overall user experience.

Module 4: Refine Your Thought Leader Messaging

  • Develop a mission statement that conveys your brand value, so prospects know exactly what your brand represents.
  • Create messaging on your home page that captures people from the moment they land on it.

Module 5: Design Value-Packed and Profitable Service Packages

  • Create service packages that provide tons of value to your clients (and increase your profit.)
  • Write a Services Page that is personable and captures the essence of what you do and who you serve, so qualified potential clients reach out to work with you.

Module 6: Showcase Your Personal Story and Brand Vision

  • Rework your About Page so you “come alive” to prospects who are engaging with your personal story.
  • Highlight your brand vision and Thought Leadership focus, so industry peers and potential clients gain a deeper sense of your bigger vision.

Module 7: Gather Compelling Testimonials

  • Discover how to ask for powerful, compelling testimonials which highlight the transformation you help your clients to achieve.
  • Learn how and where to use testimonials on your website, so visitors understand the profound value your brand has in the world.


Phase 2: Thought Leader Branding

Module 1: Find Your Brand Voice

  • Learn how to communicate in your own authentic way, so you attract people who “love” and “get” you.
  • Activate your attraction factor so people naturally want to work with you.

Module 2: Develop Your Brand Manifesto

  • Capture the essence of what your brand stands for, so people can get behind it and support you and your cause.
  • Rally your community around your mission and give people a deeper experience of the value you provide.

Module 3: Humanize Your Brand

  • Discover how to create an emotional connection with your audience, so you connect deeply with others.
  • Learn how to build genuine relationships online, ensuring that your social media efforts are not a waste of time and energy.

Module 4: Craft Your Turning Points Story

  • Discover your unique brand story and learn how to craft it, so others relate to you and your journey.
  • Find ways to use your turning points story in your content marketing, so your message connects to those who need to hear it most.

Module 5: Differentiate by Telling Stories

  • Share your personality by providing intimate glimpses into who you are, so you can connect more deeply with your audience.
  • Discover how to incorporate your personal stories into your branding, so that your target market finds and connects with you.

Module 6: Develop an Opt-in That Positions You as a Thought Leader

  • Develop a freebie that aligns with your Content Personality™ and positions you as a Thought Leader, so you can build your list.
  • Create a 3-part nurture sequence, so you can foster and build relationships with those who are joining your community.


Phase 3: Thought Leader Marketing

Module 1: Take a Deep Dive Into Your Content Personality™

  • Deepen your understanding of your top two content personalities, so you can easily use them to market and grow your business.
  • Learn how to blend your top two content personalities to create powerful, innovative content your audience loves (and keeps them coming back for more!).

Module 2: Repurpose Content You’ve Already Created

  • Understand how to get a lot of mileage out of each piece of content you create, so you can have more time and freedom in your business.
  • Take inventory of the content you already have and discover how to repurpose it into a course, an ebook, a video or audio series, or even a visual representation!  

Module 3: Design Powerful Email Marketing Campaigns  

  • Discover the two main forms of email marketing and determine which communication form is best for you and the community you are building.
  • Learn how to deepen relationships and foster two-way conversations, so you create a loyal list of peeps who love you and what you do.

Module 4: Align Your Marketing with Your Archetype  

  • Discover your Natural Style and Personal Persuasion Power in your own marketing with the Archetype Alignment™ Grid, and learn how to use these elements to market effortlessly and attract new clients, both online and in person.
  • Dive deeper into your archetype and learn about your Marketing Foundation™, so you understand why people buy from you, what you are really selling, and what people really want from you.

Module 5: Develop a Successful Content Strategy Plan

  • Create a marketing strategy that incorporates both your marketing archetype and your Content Personality™, so that everything you do is in complete alignment with who you are and what you believe.
  • Position yourself as a Thought Leader by identifying key themes in the content you’ll use consistently to build your platform.


Content Strategy Academy Investment:

  • $2470/year, if paid in full (Savings of $494)
  • $247/month, for 12 months

Note: Your payment will not renew automatically after the first year, rather you will receive an email with the option to renew.

Content Strategy Academy Perks:

Academy members get perks, including:

  • Free access to live workshops, webinars, and trainings offered throughout your membership
  • Reserved Time & Freedom LIVE! Ticket: Secure your reserved ticket to my annual, live event in Fall 2017.

Content Strategy Academy FAQ

When does my one-year membership start?

Your membership is valid for 365 days after you join.

Why is this a year-long program?
Becoming a Thought Leader takes time, and I am in this process with you for the long haul. It’s important to me that you IMPLEMENT what you learn. You will look at your content messaging, branding, and marketing deeply. Then you will revamp the pieces that are not aligned with your Thought Leader brand, and create the pieces that are missing, so you represent yourself in consistent and cohesive manner. This is exciting work–and you can move at your own pace, and might finish before the year is up! But, please remember that Thought Leader brands take time to fully develop and take shape.
Am I making the right decision?

I know how frustrating this is for you. My bet is that you’ve been trying to follow the advice of “gurus” who promised you things that weren’t possible for you — based on your personality. I know that didn’t feel good.

This program is innovative in its approach and is all about working with your strengths and unique personality to create aligned content and marketing it in a way that is in total alignment with who you are. You don’t need to be someone you are not, and you don’t need to struggle anymore when creating your content and building your Thought Leader brand.

How do I know this program will give me what I need to move forward in my business?

My clients succeed most when they are:

  • Open to being 100% themselves when it comes to communicating their brand messages.
  • Willing to try new ideas and think “out of the box”.
  • Motivated and ready to work hard to create unique content to grow their businesses.
  • Willing to invest the time, energy, and resources into themselves, knowing that doing so will bring renewed spirit and innovation to their businesses.

If this is you, join us in the Content Strategy Academy and build your skills and confidence, so you can continue to make your business and content work for you, and build yourself as a Thought Leader in your market.

What is your refund policy?
All sales are final. I’ve done a really great job explaining who the Content Strategy Academy is for and what you will take away from it, if you complete the program. If you have a specific question that hasn’t been answered on this page, email me at hq [at] mshannonhernandez [dot] com.