Shannon has the wisdom, vision, and passion to help you have the confidence to propel your business forward.
“I was excited to attend the Growth, Marketing Alignment, and Pipelines Retreat with Shannon so I could learn and understand what marketing alignment and pipelines were–and how to implement them into my business to fuel its growth.
 Shannon’s excitement and passion for this topic were contagious, jazzing us all up to put this information into action. Shannon was very instrumental in guiding each of us to create a smooth-flowing pipeline specific to our individual offers and marketing stylesI had never given much thought to the importance of having a structured system that would help me put content into the world to gain more business and clients. Even though I put information “out there”, I missed many steps! (In hindsight, if I had put a proper pipeline together I would have seen more results from my marketing efforts.) If you get a chance to work with Shannon, know that she is great at helping you understand that in order to grow your business, there must be systems in place and structures behind what you are doing in your marketing. Shannon has the vision, the wisdom, and the passion to help you to gain the knowledge and confidence to propel you forward in your business.”

Sharon Egan

I leave trainings with tools in hand that are easily implemented and help my business rock
“Shannon is brilliant at teaching how to market oneself as a Truth Guide or Supporter. Her compassion about building relationships that lead to sales is contagious. She brings the A-Z together and not only spices her retreats and virtual events with invaluable marketing tips, but has every participant look to the future, set goals, and evaluate what needs to be put in place to accommodate their desired future growth. I leave the trainings hosted by Shannon with tools in hand that can easily be implemented and that will help my business rock.” 

Beatrice Ten-Thye

I have found marketing activities I enjoy
“When I registered for the Growth, Marketing Alignment, and Pipelines virtual retreat, I was looking to develop a framework for a marketing plan that would create a pipeline of potential clients. The plan would need to align with activities that bring out my strengths, as well as activities I would enjoy doing. During the retreat, I learned several marketing pipelines that were simple and easy to implement. Since the retreat, I have been actively developing one of the pipelines that will lead to revenue growth in my business. If you have been thinking about attending a retreat or training with Shannon, here’s what I’d like you to know: Shannon’s expertise in content marketing–and her background as a teacher–make her an ideal resource to help you develop a plan to grow your business with simple steps and strategies that work!”

Barbara Alexander

I am learning how to market my services in a truthful way that feels in alignment with who I am
I have been learning more about how to market my services in a truthful way that feels in alignment with who I am. When I started working with Shannon, I wanted to learn a lot more about pipelines and how to attract the right clients. As a result of our work together, I am learning more about how to grow my business and market my programs. I have also honed in on who to market my programs to, based on what I want my business to look like in the future. I have also learned that everything in marketing is related to pipelines and how pipelines are a huge piece of the overall marketing strategy. If you are looking at working with Shannon, know that anything she offers will be packed with high-value, big a-ha’s, clarity, and actionable steps that you can put into place right away. She was born to teach and lead!

Leslie Horn Trosset

I received motivation and insight on how to plan and implement my offerings
“I have been working with Shannon in a variety of ways over the last 6 months. I recently attended a virtual retreat with her because I wanted clarity on whether or not my marketing pipelines and ideas for presenting them were sensible and the best they could be. During the session, we broke out into small groups and masterminded with others. This was one of the most valuable pieces for me. My biggest ah-ha came from the discussions Shannon engaged us in during our time together. I received motivation and insight on how to plan and implement my offerings. If you have been thinking of working with Shannon in any capacity, I guarantee you will walk away with some useful and helpful information– some that you do not even realize you are looking for!”

Karen Martin

Attend Any Training Shannon Offers
“I recently attended the Growth, Marketing Alignment, and Pipeline retreat Shannon hosted. I choose to attend because I was looking for new insights into my business and wanted time to implement my marketing plan with Shannon’s guidance.

The most valuable part of this retreat to me was the discussion and training around my pipelines. What once seemed like a daunting task turned very manageable. The time with my colleagues to brainstorm was invaluable and reinforced the learning. Shannon’s events are always upbeat, energized, and collaborative, which I love. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to attend a training/retreat with Shannon, attend anything she offers that you can fit into your schedule. Shannon teaches with concrete principles and processes with you can implement immediately. Shannon will also teach you how to bring your products/services to market with integrity, a service-orientation, and absolute joy.”

Bonnie McDermid

The Power of Community
“I wanted to work with Shannon in some capacity, and alongside that, I wanted to have a group to connect and collaborate with. I knew I needed help working on my business—but didn’t want to do that in isolation. During the time in Shannon’s program, she created an environment where we helped one another and contributed to each other’s success. As a result of my participation, I launched my beta groups and came up with a co-working angle I am really excited. If you are looking at registering for an upcoming program with Shannon, do it! You won’t be disappointed.”

Michelle Demers

An Intimate and Collaborative Environment
“Prior to enrolling in Shannon’s group program, I was trying to figure out what my purpose was for the rest of my life. I have been a Virtual Assistant for many years, but I wanted more, and I needed some direction. During our time together, what I valued most was Shannon’s open ear and thought-provoking questions. Since working with Shannon in a group setting, I’ve determined what I want to do, and I am excited about new possibilities that tie what I am doing now with my future plans. I always thought group programs weren’t for me, but Shannon is very skilled at creating an intimate and collaborative environment.”

Beatrice Ten-Thye

Raised My Rates
“I have worked my business for many years but knew I wasn’t reaching my fullest potential. I knew I needed help with brainstorming, feedback, and different perspectives. I got that and so much more from Shannon’s program. Shannon helped me make major adjustments in my business structure, and ultimately raise my rates. She gets to the root of problems you may be experiencing in your business and with your content. The value I place in myself has increased, my business structure has been tightened, and my rates now reflect those changes.”

Sandy Wiles

Over-Delivers and Worth The Money!
“When I registered for Shannon’s Brand Manifesto workshop, I was looking for a different angle to approach what I want to be known for and what I offer. I needed an angle that would help focus my marketing and outreach and creation activities. Specifically, I was looking for something that would bridge the gap between everything I know and can create. During the workshop, the process of going through the questions to draw out what I’m offering helped me create a lot of content for my brand. I love that Shannon brings a no-nonsense intention to supporting others because it fills me up with can-do possibilities! If you’ve been thinking about taking a program with Shannon, know that she overdelivers on her promise and will make sure you feel you got more than your money’s worth!”

Alex Iglecia

I Saw Myself As A Thought Leader
“I was searching for a way to stay organized and sane throughout with the many projects, including a book, that were on my plate. Shannon provided a beacon of light and support that guided me into more clarity and purpose. Her ability to organize, strategize, and add structure was the perfect balance for my wild/creative/artistic brain that can often feel out of control. I learned how to harness that creative energy and channel it into the right kind of content for my business. I got really clear on my message and on the priorities I most. I started to really see myself as the thought leader I am. I haven’t seen anyone else teaching others about content in the way Shannon does.”

Jess Grippo